About Me

My name is Robby Duke, this is my website where I detail a lot of what I do. I will post things like code that I have written, things that I've built, and I also like to upload stuff that made me laugh every now and again.

Currently, I am a Computer Engineering student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. While here I've accomplished a lot so far including work with Beyond Ares Technologies building a spacecraft for planetary exploration, and research work in the department of mathematics alongside a UAV communications security project. I'm currently involved in the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics as my go-to extracurricular activity on campus, I am the president of this student chapter as well.

I have a knack for reverse engineering systems and trying to make things do things that they should not. Programming and hardware are favorite past times of mine. Web-development and large scale databases are where I really shine however. I have much experience running and developing web platforms for enterprise level applications.

You can contact me using e-mail at: robby@dukemotorsports.net

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